Wisconsin’s Choice Candidate Questionnaire 


Name: Matt Flynn

Previous experience:

Former Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Attorney, Quarles & Brady (Partner)

Navy veteran

Hometown: Milwaukee


1. Environment and energy

  • Restore water quality standards to protect our families.
  • Restore a fully independent DNR with adequate resources and an adequate number of scientists.
  • Create a state fund to assist municipalities and residents in removing lead service lines.
  • Require all foreign companies to obey all American and Wisconsin laws.

2. Healthcare

  • Establish a BadgerCare for All public option.
  • Accept federal funding for Medicaid expansions.
  • Advocate for Medicare for All at the federal level.

3. Education (all levels)

  • Fully fund public education in this state, in both urban and rural districts, including transportation and broadband. This will require fixing the funding formulas so that no district is unfairly disadvantaged.
  • Fully fund the UW System campuses and WTCS.
  • Ensure that up to two years at Wisconsin’s public universities, colleges, or technical schools will be tuition free for in-state residents.
  • Reaffirm the mission statement of the University of Wisconsin.
  • Restore statutory tenure.
  • Promote and advertise the excellence of the University of Wisconsin.
  • Fight to pass legislation that allows borrowers to refinance their student loan debt when rates drop.
  • Establish the Wisconsin Student Loan Authority to regulate and guarantee student loans at Wisconsin colleges and universities, based on the best practices of existing Student Loan Authorities around the county.

4. Voting rights and campaign finance

  • Create automatic voter registration. Every American citizen living in Wisconsin who gets a license at the DMV will be automatically registered to vote. Licensees would be allowed to opt-out of voter registration if they choose.
  • Establish a neutral reapportionment commission to redistrict legislative districts every ten years to prevent partisan legislators from picking their voters, rather than voters picking their legislators.

5. Public safety, policing, and mass incarceration

  • Curb mandatory minimums in sentencing.
  • Allow more pardons for those who have turned their lives around.
  • "Ban the box" that prevents people with unfortunate histories from a pathway to success.
  • Legalize cannabis and pardon nonviolent offenders convicted of cannabis possession.

6. Wages and workers’ rights

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • Reverse Act 10 and Right-to-Work.
  • Restore prevailing wage.
  • Create a fairer, more progressive tax structure.
  • Invest in our small businesses, education, health care, and infrastructure.

7. Infrastructure 

  • Lobby for and accept all federal funds for transportation and infrastructure projects.
  • Pay for necessary road and infrastructure projects through a combination of user fees on gas, registration, and trucks.

8. Immigration

  • Do not punish undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children. Support DACA.
  • Adopt a humane policy with respect to other undocumented immigrants that ensures innocent people are not separated from their families simply because of their immigration status.

9. Jobs and the economy

  • Use litigation to stop the disastrous Foxconn fiasco. Foxconn can come here, but they will not get our tax dollars and they will have to obey our laws.
  • Eliminate the manufacturing and agricultural tax credit, which has no requirements for additional employment, and invest those funds in healthcare, education, and infrastructure that are essential to growing jobs and wages.
  • Replace the corrupt Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) with a restored Department of Commerce that makes honest loans by honest standards, without regard to political contributions.

Of the issues above, which three areas will you prioritize as governor of Wisconsin?

  1. Jobs and the Economy/Workers Rights  
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare

In the best case scenario, what does good governance look like? Who should the governor of Wisconsin work alongside or in coalition with? 

Wisconsin has a long history of good government reforms going back to the 19th Century. Scott Walker has progressively corrupted this state over the past seven years. Good governance puts residents before wealthy donors and special interests. The governor needs to listen to parties involved in issues and find partners in communities throughout the state. Good government also means a commitment to open records and transparency.

What efforts is your campaign making to recruit and engage volunteers?

My campaign is meeting voters across Wisconsin in traditional ways – including forums and coffees – as well as modern ways, such as texting and app-based organizing. We have hundreds of volunteers across the state who are helping in these ways and more.